Forward Movement, Not Backward Thinking

When crises hit, we adapt. Listen for my five point plan to bring South Dakota forward out of this pandemic. Retread plans are not the answer.

3 Core Elements


Federal Budget: Reduce Debt & Spending


The federal budget is out of control. We've had an unbalanced budget 45 out of 50 years. 

And’s not only the Democrats‘ fault.

We can NOT sustain this way. We don’t have a revenue problem, we have a spending problem. My greatest priority will be coming up with common sense bipartisan solutions to actively reduce the amount of spending congress approves each year. 


Healthcare: Greater access & affordability

Healthcare is on the minds of every American. I am committed to surrounding myself with experts in healthcare, every day citizens, and other stakeholders to make sure we all have access to the healthcare we need, and are able to afford it.

  1. Replace Obamacare
  2. Vote against Medicare for all & other socialist plans
  3. Expand access to veterans & rural communities
  4. Promote preventative medicine to be proactive (less expensive) vs reactive (more expensive)
  5. Reduce prescription costs
  6. Mandate & expand provider cost transparency


Immigration: Strong Borders & Safe, Legal Procedures

  • Meth related crimes have increased by 625% in the last 15 years
  • 95% of meth comes from the southern border
  • South Dakota ranks 11th for human trafficking
  • South Dakotan Native American women and children are at higher risks for human trafficking

We need immigrants from all countries. But we still need to have common sense policy in place to ensure legal processes.  It  doesn’t make  sense  not  to.


Borglum Military Family

                            Veteran Advocacy 


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